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F-15~ A Fighter Pilot PC Game in Original Case, without manual. Used Game with Wear but tested to work! Great game if your into Flying Sims $3.00

Microsoft Age Of Empires

Age Of Empires~This is a Microsoft game. Age of Empires allows you to create the most feared and powerful civilization in history. Kind of like a sims type simulation! Build a town how you like.  Comes with a FREE COPY OF CARDSHOP PLUS DELUXE.  card Games. Comes in Original case. Used but in great condition. tested and Guaranteed to work $3.00

Grand Theft Auto 2

GTA2~ Like the popular Grand Theft Auto Series on XBOX and Playstation? Well here is a copy of GTA2 for the PC. Comes in original case, without manual. Used but tested and guaranteed to work! $1.50

Test Drive Off Road

Test Drive Off Road~ Original Came comes in original case, without manual!Obvious wear light scratches but tested and Guaranteed to work  A Wild ride $2.00

3D Home And  Landscape Design

Total 3D Home And Landscapes Design~ 3 Discs. This is a design suite that allows you to design your dream home inside and out, including your yard! Comes in  a jewel case, without manual. Used but tested to work! $5.00

Alien Versus Predator Gold Edition

Aliens Versus Predator Gold Edition~ This is a great game in original case and manual. Case is broken but still usable.Take Your hunting skills to the internet and join up to 8 players in a variety of multiplayer games! Used but tested and guaranteed to work $2.00

Home Design Platinum

Home Design Platinum~ 2 Disc Set that allows you to design your home before you move in. Punch Software. Comes in original case, without manuals and serial key!!! $2.00

The Crystal Key

The Crystal Key~ Comes in Original case and manual in MINT CONDITION. The quest for the crystal key will take you on an incredible adventure. Armed with only your wits, your journey will take you through fascinating lands of desert, jungle, and water as you explore breathtaking worlds. Carefully examine and solve puzzles on the way. $3.00

Microsoft Windows "98

Microsoft Windows 98~ This comes in a cardboard sleeve, but it originally came that way. Naturally comes complete with working and tested serial number! EXTRAS INCLUDED

High Impact Paintball

High Impact Paintball~ Great game for the paintball enthusiast in your family. Comes in original jewel case without manual. Used but in working,tested, condition. Action so real you can almost feel the impact. This game brings the excitement of hide and seek and tag together for a fast and fun experience. Get ready to hit the fields in singles competition or multi player mode! $2.00

WarCraft II Beyond The Dark Portal

Warcraft II Beyond The Dark Portal Expansion Set~ MS DOS and Macintosh CD Rom in original case and manual. Dominate or die in 24 all new scenarios set within two new story lines. Discover new lands in over 30 custom maps! $3.00

WarCraft II Tides Of The Darkness

Warcraft II Tides Of Darkness~ Another Expansion pack for the popular World Of Warcraft II. Comes In Original Case without a manual. Used but tested and in great working condition. Minor scratches, etc!  $3.00


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Electronics, DVDS, CDS For Sale Pictures

UT STarCom Verizon Wireless Flip/Camera Cell Phone

Up Is a Verizon Wireless UT Starcom Flip Phone/ Camera Phone. All the information you will need for this phone can be found right here:

This phone ended up selling on Ebay for 24 dollars plus shipping, But if you buy from DBurch1102 You can have it for 15 dollars, plus a modest 7 dollar shipping charge! I have access to static free bubble wrap and shipping bags to ENSURE that this will arrive safely. This is a used item, but guaranteed to work! Battery has no water damage or damage at all! Light Scratches, Battery doesnt always want to stay on though. VERY FIXEABLE AND USABLE! Charger Naturally included.

$15.00 Plus $7.00 Shipping Charge Regardless of Carrier

Playstation Brand Playstation 3 Component HD Cables

Component Cables For Your PS3~ Have a Playstation 3? Also Have an HDTV? Well unless you plan on using standard definition cables, you will need some sort of HD Cables. Your choices are component or HDMI. Component are very serviceable especially if you do not play online. They are very economical. They retail for about $20-$30! I bought them and used them ONCE. I play online games a lot so I decided to go up to HDMI. These cables are still in mint condition, and will make some PS3 user VERY HAPPY! $6.00 Plus Modest $5 shipping charge

Universal PC Power Cables!! 2 AVAILABLE!!

Universal Power Cord For ANY PC~ Two of these are available! These are the power cords that plug into the back of your PC and into the wall. These are pretty much universal now a days! $2.00 Plus Modest $4.00 Shipping Charge

Motorola Pre-Paid Track Phone

For the people that dont have the money, or cant justify having a 2 yr service plan at 60 dollars a pop for a cell phone, there is always the pre paid way. This is a Motorola Trackphone. All you do is buy time cards and you can call or receive calls from anywhere using this phone. You only pay when you use it and you only pay when you can AFFORD TO!. Great flexibility and freedom. This phone is a new phone, just not with original packaging. Charger comes with this. Phone retails anywhere from $20-$30 dollars  $7.00 plus $6.00 shipping charge

Miscellaneous DVD's Special Editions.

This is a lot of miscellaneous special edition DVDS that are packaged with some of the cd's that you buy. The ones included in this lot are

Adema~Packaged with Unstable CD
Limp Bizkit~Packaged with Greatest Hits CD
Alicia Keys- Packed With Keys In A Minor
Staind~Packaged With 2nd Album
Eminem~Packaged with The Eminem Show
D12- Packaged With D12 World
50 Cent- Packaged With The New Breed
$3.00 For All Plus $4.00 Shipping Charge!

Casting Crows~ Lifesong

Casting Crows cd ~ LEFESONG. This christian music cd comes in original case, with manual. Case is cracked but still works. CD has some scratches, but didnt skip in my cd player. Will not offer refund or return if your cd player is old or dirty and it doesnt read right... TESTED AND GUARANTEED.... BUT AS IS!

$1.00 Plus $3 dollar shipping


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Hair Cutting Clippers

These are used. The scissors are pictured, along with the lube oil, but they are not included. You get the razor, attachments, and the comb.

$2.00 Plus $5.00 shipping

Toshiko Men's Electric Razor

This razor is new in the box. Everything is included including the charger, the brush to cleaan this razor out, and a case to set your razor in for travel. This has been opened to be tested, but never used.
$3.00 Plus $5.00 shipping



"Welcome " Sign in Fall Colors

This is a "Welcome" sign that you hang outside your house, garden, etc. This is supposed to simulate a brown fence with a watering can, a pumpkin, flowers, and dead leaves. Very pretty! Everything you need to hang it up is included on the back of the sign

$1.75 plus 3.85 shipping

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Everything Else/ Miscellaneous For Sale Pictures

Texas Hold Em Poker Set

Texas Hold Em Poker Set. Included in this brand new , NEVER OPENED Texas Hold Em Poker Set is:
36"X24" Poker Gaming Mat, 200 Professional Poker Chips, 1 Dealer Button, 1 Big Blind Button, 1 small Blind Button, 2 Decks of playing cards, poker chips rack, easy instruction booklet, and a metal tin to hold it all! $3.00

UPS- $5.00
USPS- $7.00

6 " Durable White Wire Ties

I have an estimated 30,000 6" white wire ties. These come in packs of 50 per bag. I am willing to sell the whole lot, or break the lot apart per bag. These are very durable and very thick. These have a houseful of uses.

Whole Lot $50.00 Plus $15.00 shippingPer 50 Piece Bag $0.50 plus $1.85 shipping each for first 5 packs, and 50 cents more per bag after that added on for shipping


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