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Welcome to my site. I pride myself in selling HIGH quality products at ROCK BOTTOM prices. Im growing a reputation around sites like ebay and such and are looking to grow even bigger in my quest for the ULTIMATE customer service driven consumer retail store!

This site prides itself in its products. We sell new and slightly or gently used products. Everything here is in WORKING CONDITION and has been tested to work if used. All Software, Movies, Cds, etc are real, not illegal copies!

We Are Looking Into expanding into selling other peoples product on my site for a small commission a la EBAY.

Remember, dont call me a businessman... I am a walking talking BUSINESS....man

DBURCH1102 History

Slow Starting So Far but Growing By The Day

My Ebay Seller Name is DanielBurch1102. I have almost 100% feedback rating. All of my negatives had no basis.  I'm an entrepeneur so lets do work!



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Antique Books

I have MANY ANTIQUE BOOKS! Some of them are from as early as  the late 1800's! A lot of them are along the judicial book lines. For Example I have a book from 1912 of the Laws in Chicago! All My Books are 20 dollars a piece plus shipping. Shipping is up to you, I ship via UPS or USPS. USPS Will be more then UPS just because thats how it usually works out! I will Have a complete list with some pictures at a later time.

UPS Shipping Price- $7.00
USPS Shipping Price- $12.00

~Please Remember the weight of these books, my packing material, and my gas and time to go to the post office. I can ship from UPS from work, hence the lower price!

PC Games/Computer Software

I will have many pieces of computer software and PC Games. Most of these will be Windows and PC Compatible. I will try to offer Linux and Mac compatible items when I can. All Software and PC Games are REAL, not illegal copies or bootlegs!


UPS- $3.99

DISCLAIMER~ I dont have serial Keys for EVERY piece of software. Some dont need it. If I have the serial Key of course it is included, I will do the research to see if the ones without need a serial key....most wont since Piracy wasnt so rabid around this time.  If you dont get a serial key and one is needed, Im sorry... but I am selling these As IS. By you bidding/buying you agree that this is sold as is with no returns or refunds because of serial key!


This section is for all the Hardware and Tools. Some of the things you will see in this section is Drills, wrenches, door handles, dead bolts, screws, wire nuts, digital volt meters, etc!


Anything from CD's, DVD's, TV's, Electronic accessories, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, etc! All Electronics have been tested and are guaranteed to work! Shipping Obviously will vary depending on item so just check out the item description on the next page!


Men's Large Tommy Hilfiger Shirt~ This is a worn shirt made by Tommy Hilfiger. This is a men's large shirt. Blue and Tan in color. This shirt is in perfect condition, not wrinkled, faded, torn, stained, etc. Must See Pic On Next Page To Appreciate.  $4.00

All Apparel, mens and womens. I may carry children's apparel at some time but not at this current time! This includes shirts, pants, shoes,  hats, etc!

All Apparel is in Great Condition! Either the apparel is used, but used gently, or brand spanking new. None of my apparel has rips, tears, stains, scuffs, etc!

Shipping on ALL APPAREL

UPS- $4.99
USPS- $6.99


Anything that goes in your home and or Garden will be in this section.  Some examples are "welcome" signs, garden hoses, kitchen appliances, garden gnomes, etc!

Health And Beauty

Health and Beauty sections includes, deodorant, body wash, bath supplies, makeup, vitamins, and anything else to do with your overall health, cleanliness, and beauty!

 All Shipping Prices for Health and Beauty Items will be

UPS- $5.00
USPS- $6.75

Everything Else

Pretty Self Explanatory! Everything that doesnt really fit into the other sections will go here. Think of this as more of a miscellaneous section of items!

Price For All Miscellaneous items will vary depending on what it is of course. The Shipping Prices will be included in the item description!

The Legal Stuff

Everything here listed on this site is legit. Acquired legit, sold legit, shipped legit. I will be honest in my descriptions, prices, etc... please do the same. If you receive your item broken or missing you may get your money back.... but dont try to screw me.

Return Policy~  You have 7 days to return. If I dont receive an email or the item back in 7 Days the sale is final. I will check the day that is was delivered via your tracking number. When It says it was delivered is when the 7 day period starts

Shipping Insurance~ Shipping Insurance is OPTIONAL, but recommended. UPS gives out tracking information so you may not want it. On the other hand USPS DOES NOT offer tracking information without insurance. If you decline shipping insurance then you get no tracking information with USPS. If you receive an item that is broken, or is lost in the mail, I am not responsible for it if you do not buy the optional shipping insurance (that includes USPS and UPS). You agree to this by buying or bidding. Shipping insurance will be 30% of the TOTAL cost, including shipping, per item.

I try to ship your item the day or two after the MONEY CLEARS~! I withdraw THAT DAY in case you are trying to retract your funds after paying. With Paypal I will get my money either way, so please dont try to cancel your payment to try to get over on me. PLEASE BE HONEST and Ill be Honest With you!

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Send Me Your Contact Information Here and What You Are Interested In And I will Get Back To You With A PayPal Invoice. If Not Interested In Buying I Always Welcome Questions, Feedback, and Suggestions!

Thanks In Advance

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